The Best Ancient Desert Cuisine

at 253B Barkly Street, Footscray

My name is Mamut Omar. Head chef at Kiroren Uyghur.

I love traditional Uyghur food. My best dishes are Roasted Full Lamb, Dapan Chicken and Pilaf.

My cooking has a long family origin. My father was a Grade 1 chef worked with Xinjiang Railway Bureau. He cooked for Government executives on multi-days train rides, as the executives travelled to visit ethnic minorities. My father loved to show my brother and me all secrets in cooking Uyghur food. He never held anything back… in fact, he really enjoyed working the details and showing my brother and me his new tricks. Tricks like perfecting the lamb; playing with different herbs; timing the charcoal and focusing on the smell for that perfect BBQ grill. Those were some of my best memories. Back in 1982, I opened a restaurant in Beijing. My father wrote letters, some with pages of recipes… and that was before the internet. Later I moved to Dubai and explored as a young man. In 2006 I moved to Australia and worked in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney with some of the best Uyghur chefs like Halil Nur. My brother Emin Omar came to Melbourne in 2013. He visited many suburbs and loved Footscray for the multiculturalism and how well everyone here accepted our cultural. So, Emin settled and opened Kiroren Uyghur here in Footscray… Unfortunately, Emin had to put a pause on Kiroren Uyghen because of a health condition. When I move to Melbourne and stay with him here, I got a chef job in Springville and Box Hill, which was ok. The longer I live in Footscray, the more I love it here. Here it’s multicultural and lively. And what’s best is many people will try Uyghur food, some love it. So here I am, our restaurant Kiroren Uyghur is reopening. And… we will be serving the best ancient desert cuisine you will find in Melbourne! Mamut Omar - Chef

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